Saturday, July 2, 2011

Salume Beddu Bacon and Farm-Fresh Eggs (mmmmmmm... bacon!)

This really shouldn't be a whole blog post, but I just have to say how very much I love bacon. Normally I prefer the cheap, thinly sliced stuff, but that was until I discovered Salume Beddu's bacon. It's amazing. Not too thick, crusted with herbs and black pepper, flavorful, crisps very nicely when cooked... Yummy. Seriously, try it.

And eggs and bacon is delicious. Everyone already knows that, but I had to reiterate my support for the concept of eggs and bacon as a weekend breakfast. Scrambled eggs, fried eggs, both are good. But I have noticed that I can tell the difference in taste between different eggs. I think it has everything to do with what they are fed, because some have a really orange yolk and a lot have light yellow yolks. Orange yolks taste better, I think. Totally unnecessary to have the fancy eggs for using in baking and stuff, but for plain breakfast eggs they can be nice.

With a good glass of orange juice, or better, a mimosa, eggs and bacon make a great morning.

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  1. If you get eggs from the farmer's market, you'll never go back. The yellow yolk is VIBRANT and tastes SO much better than regular eggs! Seriously, you'll never go back.

    (I'm Stacy, found you on the list for Angela's wine event on the 13th!)